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Court Interpreter

Translation with a court interpreter certification

Regardless of whether you are an individual or a legal entity, at some point in your life, you will need to provide a translation of a document with the certification of a court interpreter. A court interpreter is a person who has sworn an oath in the Ministry of Justice in accordance with the current Rulebook on Standing Court Interpreters, and who, by placing his signature and seal, guarantees the identity of the original document and the translation thereof. The stamp of the court interpreter also gives the translation legal significance equal to that of the original.

We are in a position to offer you a translation service with the verification of a court interpreter from and in as many as 12 world languages, as well as the verbal translation of a court interpreter including his/her visit to the site.

All official documents require translation with a court interpreters' certification, so their list is very long, and most often translated are as following:

  • Personal documents (identity card, passport, driver's license and traffic license, military booklet, health booklet...)
  • Copies (from the register of births, marriages, deceased, from court registers ...)
  • Diplomas (school certificates, diplomas of secondary schools and faculties, transcripts of grades, certificates of passed exams, certificates...)
  • Certifications (on the bank account balance, on impunity, on marital status, on residence, on studying, on graduation ...)
  • Medical documentation (medical reports, reports on received vaccines, analyzes and tests, medical findings...)
  • Legal documents (contracts, statements, decisions, lawsuits, resolutions, minutes, rulebooks, authorizations ...)
  • Economic documentation (financial reports, tenders, balances, invoices, stock exchange documents...)
  • Construction designs and documentation
  • Technical instructions

So, whether you are planning our studies or professional training abroad, buying new cars, business coopration, medical treatment or staying in a foreign country, court interpreter is a person who will become part of your bureaucratic path to the desired destination. Therefore, it is very important for this person to be reliable and professional. Our translators and court interpreters are top professionals with extensive translation experience, therefore you can be sure that the translation will be done in a timely manner, while you dedicate yourself to other plans of yours.

When it comes to translating with a court interpreter certification, it is necessary for you to:

  1. Inquire at the competent court whether for your particular case it is required for the document to be translated to be authenticated by the so-called Apostille seal. If so, it is important to do this before translating because it is sometimes necessary to translate the content of the seal.
  2. provide us with an original or certified copy of the document to be translated so that the court interpreter can confirm the identity of the original and the translation with his seal and signature. You can do this when you take over the translation, and you can send us the text for translation in the following manner:
  • scan the documents and send them to our e-mail office@multiprevodi.com
  • take a picture of the document and send it to our email office@multiprevodi.com, Viber or WhatsApp.

We will first make a free evaluation for the translation price and give you a non-binding offer.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page, or call us, visit or contact us.

Visit of our court interpreter to the site

In addition to written translation services with the certification of the court interpreter, we are also able to offer you the service of the court interpreter on the site for verbal translation in the official institutions.

In any official situation in which at least one of the participants is not the speaker of the language of the country in which the situation takes place, it is necessary that the verbal translation is carried out by an authorized court interpreter who guarantees the accuracy of the translation by his/her title.

The most common are court proceedings, notarial certifications and weddings with a foreign citizen.

Translation areas

Our team includes professional translators with extensive experience in translating texts from various domains. Some of them are as following:


Medical reports and tests, medical documentation, scientific papers


Instructions for use of drugs, clinical trials, analyzes, scientific papers


Contracts, authorizations, agreements, judgments, appeals, laws, regulations


Financial statements, audit reports, tenders


Monographs, catalogs, scientific papers


Novels, stories, poetry

Banking and finance

Certificates, documents, contracts


Marketing research, advertising content

Technical documentation

Scientific papers, expert papers, specifications, instructions


Textual part of the website


Scientific works and essays in the domain of philology, philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, theology, anthropology.

One of the additional benefits we offer is the translation proofreading by experts in the specific domain, therefore you can be fully assured of the correctness and adequacy of the translation.


If you need translations for any foreign language in any direction, we are here for you.
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